Plain Silk Ties Halstead

Plain Silk Ties Halstead
Choosing a tie can be challenging. You may go to a store where there are a wide range of options in different fabrics and a dazzling array of patterns and colours. There are flowers, animals, spirals, stripes, spots, every pattern under the Sun and amongst all this choice, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. What should you choose? If you are choosing for yourself then this is hard but buying a present from someone else can multiply the difficulty in choosing.
In these situations, why not go for one of our plain silk ties? Halstead customers can choose from a range of colours in our range of plain silk ties. But wait, you may exclaim. Should I not be choosing something that is bright and noticeable, with a bold pattern and multiple colours? Is choosing a plain tie not missing the opportunity to be eye-catching? These are reasonable questions, and we absolutely agree that sometimes a bold an noticeable tie, like some of our creative limited edition ties, is the right choice. But do not overlook the classy understatement of plain silk ties.
Why plain silk ties? Firstly, think about the fact that it is a simple, clean colour. Maybe you choose a burnt orange, gentle lilac and crimson red. The understatement of having a single colour can sometimes be just as striking as having a more complex pattern woven or printed in the fabric. Of course, this only works if the material is of a high quality and cut well. Fortunately, at Van Buck every one of our plain silk ties that leaves our Halstead factory is manufactured to the very highest standard.
Another key advantage of plain silk ties is that you, if you are accompanying someone to the event, it is a subtle opportunity to coordinate your clothes. This can be hard with a patterned tie, but well chosen plain silk ties can subtly bring out a colour in your partner’s outfit, so that you look great together on the dance floor and in the photographs that are circulated in the years to follow.
As well as the colour, it is worth mentioning the material. Our plain silk ties are manufactured in our Halstead workshop using genuine silk fabric. Silk is a genuinely luxurious product. It is crafted using the cocoons of silkworms. These feed on mulberry leaves and create a cocoon that is made of strong fibres. This is the basis for the threads which are turned into bales and then spun into a fine fabric. No other material feels quite the same as genuine silk ties, and when you are wearing our plain silk ties, you will really feel the difference.
Plain silk ties from our Halstead site are also great as presents. If you are not sure of the taste and style of the recipient, picking a patterned tie could seem tricky. You cannot go wrong with a tasteful classic design of silk tie in a single, beautiful colour.
For more information about our plain silk ties, Halstead customers can contact our team via the details on the website.

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