Plain silk ties Essex

Plain silk ties Essex

There’s nothing that can make a statement quite like that of a quality plain silk tie. Essex based Van Buck specialise in the manufacture of high quality, unique and bespoke gentlemans neckwear including beautiful plain silk ties. Essex based Van Buck has been established since the year 1976 and have worked hard and remain committed to all that we do and now are proud to deal with more than 300 shops and stores throughout the UK and Europe. The design of our plain silk ties and other neckwear products is distinctive and our colours bright, bold and beautiful. Our fine English neckwear includes a large range of stunning plain silk ties. Essex County Cricket First Team and Buckingham Palace are among some of our many distinguished customers. As a family run business, now in the second generation, we remain friendly and personable in how we go about carrying out our day-to-day dealings with our clients.

We use only the very best of fabrics and source these from weavers and printers located in various countries all across the globe including England, Scotland, Italy, Germany, America and Asia. We have some who customers have been with us for decades and their testament to our service is proof that we are committed to providing a consistently high-quality product and pay full attention to our customers needs and wishes. If you would like to learn more about the range of fine English neckwear produced by Van Buck why not take a look at our website where you will be able to browse through a large gallery of photographs showcasing many of our products including our beautiful range of plain silk ties, from Essex based Van Buck.

Are you looking for a simple yet effective way to stand out from the crowd as a distinguished dresser and somebody very well put together? Are you anticipating an event or occasion where you will need to be dressed your absolute best? Are you a dedicated follower of fashion or rather follower of style always looking for pieces you can add to your collection? Are you a person who simply loves to dress well and to present your best at all times? Why not then learn more about Van Buck who specialise in fine English neckwear such as our beautiful range of plain silk ties. Essex based we supply not only across the country but around the globe.

Perhaps you have questions with regards to any one of our products or services. Whatever questions, queries, suggestions or thoughts you might like to share with us please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at a time that is convenient to you. Details of how to best get in touch can be found on our website along with our precise location details. From all at Van Buck we look forward to hearing from you and to seeing how our range of quality English neckwear such as our plain silk ties can be of use to you.

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